If you are like many who suffer from chronic back pain, you have probably tried several prescribed remedies to help ease your discomfort. Frequent bed rest. High doses of pain medication. Perhaps even non-traditional approaches such as acupuncture. And like so many, you have come to accept the fact that you just have to learn to live with your pain. 


The Antalgic-Trak says "Not anymore."

What is the Antalgic-Trak?

Antalgic-Trak is a distraction decompression-mobilization unit with the ability to position a patient into more multiple postures than any other device on the market today, offering numerous benefits

What can Antalgic-Trak do for me?

  • Reduces disc pressure, bulges, and/or herniations.
  • Reduces nerve root pressures and pinched nerves.
  • Improves spinal joint mechanics.
  • Improves spinal function.
  • Improves facet gliding and reduces facet imbrication.
  • Increases spinal joint elasticity and circulation.

Why the Antalgic-Trak?


Most doctors agree that the forces of specific weight bearing postures can and do create specific spinal injuries.  Thus the question remains … If we can duplicate the posture of injury, can the posture of injury become the posture of therapy under the forces of decompression?  We think Yes!


With Antalgic-Trak, not only can you perform the maneuvers of vertical axis decompression, Antalgic-Trak allows us to strategically position you into your  “posture of injury”. Why is this important? Because when we are performing decompression-mobilization, the injury posture targets the injury site.


Antalgic-Trak allows you to be set in your injury posture while we administer a series of decompression procedures. It also allows us to set you into your antalgic posture and administer a series of decompression procedures. Either way, Antalgic-Trak will offers treatment control not available anywhere else.


As your treatment session comes to an end, Antalgic-Trak enables us to gradually reposition you back towards anatomical neutrality irrespective of how your protocol began.


Antalgic-Trak, offers outstanding and unique decompression versatility that can only result in improved treatment outcomes.  Antalgic-Trak permits custom spinal positioning of the “lumbar-pelvic” and “cervical” spines. Custom positioning can either be performed before, during or after decompression-mobilization.


Under decompression, utilizing both the injury posture, as well as antalgic postures enhances the role of decompression. It permits more accurate targeting to treat injured discs, vertebrae and facets. Antalgic-Trak’s versatility also expands our ability to treat a more diverse spinal injury population.


Please visit www.antalgicare.com for more information.


The Advanced Center for Injury & Wellness Care offers a no charge consultation to discuss with you the possibility of your specific condition qualifying for this therapy and the opportunity to view the Antalgic-Trak up close. Call or email us at info@drfava.com to schedule an appointment.

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